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Attacking an unsuspecting, vulnerable victim, the notion of love like the disease cholera, penetrates the body with an unyielding force. Similar symptoms concentrated in the stomach area create a feverish like type of a mental state where illusions defy reality. Both of these viruses are curable with immediate replacement of the elements that have been drained from the victim's body. Love and cholera's resemblance as a metaphor can be seen in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel, "Love in the Time of Cholera". In Garcia Marquez's novel, the Spanish writing technique of magical realism is used to blur the thin line between the illusionary passion of love and the feverish disease of cholera. Garcia Marquez spins a webbed story between three characters, each subjected to the blinding confusions of love during a period of time when the cholera epidemic was ravaging their shared area of residence. The novel flows as does a trigonometric sine wave's constant changing of vertical levels, as the current time placement in the story jumps from beginning to end to the middle and around again.

Once again using magical realism's influence to set the mood for the reader of an illusionary "in love" state of mind, or a fevered cholera reminiscent state of mind.

The disease cholera is contracted when the bacteria Vibrio Cholerae enters the body through contaminated water or food. It is considered a diarrhea illness as it infects the intestines, causing the symptoms of severe diarrhea, vomiting, and leg cramping. Due to the rapid loss of body fluids dehydration and shock can result with death as the ultimate conclusion if immediate replenishment of lost fluids is not replaced into the body. Love is contracted through any one or a combination of the five senses. Although there are no symptoms of love that...