The lost Honor of Katharina Blum

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The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum is a film about a woman who spends a night wotha terrorist and then finds herself the victim of the police and harassed by the press until she takes violent action. She becomes a murderess because her honor is destroyed by the tabloid press and this is something which she tries to regain throughout the film. What she once called life is no more, not to mention taht the scandal upraised by the press could have had something to do with the death of her mother. When the reporter in a quite "beastial innocence" makes unwanted advances she shoots him. The murder is constructed as a political murder. This is a political film which criticizes their own system. The filmmakers wanted to question the way in which Wesrt Germany wanted to erase the nazi history so quickly. For many critics The Lost Honor of katharina Blum marks the beginig of Margarether Van Trotta's self realization as a feminist filmmaker.

I do agree that this film is a feminist text due to the fact that Katharina Blum tried to aid terrorist on the run which shows that as a woman ahe is breaking out of the domestic stereotypical role and becoming a scandalous public figure. Not only does she become a controversial figure in the eys of the public due to the way in which the press has exaggerated the situation but she takes the life of another into her own hands showing a tremendous amount of power, strength and endurance. Most women are portrayed as being weak and submissive but Katharina proved otherwise when she took the reporter's life and showed that she was in control and for once she was foing to take the risk not caring about the outcome but doing what...