Lose me and take the fall

Essay by samw_179 February 2005

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The trees seemed to whisper their names, betraying their location of the hunted to the hunters. Gliding silently down the river, turned inky black with the fall of the sun, they didn't dare speak. For stealth was the only way they could escape the imprisonment they had been trapped in for the last three years. The mist shrouded them to their advantage but the dampness and chill was starting to seep into their bones. His nephew let out a small frightened and lonely sound so he grabbed the boys' hand for reassurance. In suppressed whispers he told the boy about adventures he had had before the world was ruled by darkness. For darkness was all that the boy knew.

Every sound was like a threat, saying that they were to be found. Up ahead a flame ignited. Panic swept over those onboard as they crouched down even farther as to not be detected.

They all knew what waited in that flame. They must not be drawn to the enticing light for it held great perils and they would be lost forever in a living hell, being tortured for eons. Diverting eyes from the light, resisting the magnetic pull seeming to come from it, they rowed past for they had come too far to fail now. As they passed the small boy chanced a look and saw souls hopelessly begging for help, forever encased in the torment and anguish. But they're eyes inveigled him, seeming to pull him into them. He would have joined them if it weren't for the hand of his uncle holding his tightly. Farther they became until the glow faded into the darkness. He turned back around and came to the present but knowing that he would never forget the haunting eyes that had held him under...