"Lord of of the Flies" by William Golding

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Lord of the Flies starts out with a group of English boys that are being flown from England in a transport plane and gets shot down above a deserted island. The first people to meet are Ralph and Piggy. This couple exchanges words for a while and then Piggy discovers a conch sitting in the water. Piggy explains to Ralph that this conch can be used to make a loud bellowing noise which Ralph uses to his

advantage and calls all the boys to the beach. After Ralph beats Jack out at getting the chief position, he stablishes that the conch is what will be used to call an assembly,

Ralph, Jack, and Simon go to explore the island and find out if it's uninhabited or if there's people there.

Once the boys get back and the beach to announce the news that they are on an uninhabited island, Ralph sets rules for everyone to live by.

After a little more

time together on the island Ralph and Jack begin to develop a dislike for each other, which turns out to be almost somewhat fatal later in the story.

Ralph is always worrying about the signal fire, which to him is the most important thing on the island, and everybody else worries about the hunting and the "beastie," (which was manifested onto the island by their own imaginations and fears). The mornings on the island are fun and fruitful, but during the afternoon, when the sun is beating down on them, they rest and whatnot.

When the young boys first arrived at the island Jack was appointed as the chief of the hunters, he claimed he would keep the fire going in case a ship came by.

But, one day while Jack and his hunters were out hunting, a ship...