Lord Of The Flies

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Golding=s idea about human nature.

In Golding=s Lord of the Flies there is an evil influence on the island that affects the boys; This evil is not a demonic presence, but the evil inside us all known as the Id.

The boys on the island seem to think there is some evil being on the island that is stopping them from leaving. The first mention of this Abeastie@ is in a meeting, where Piggy is dictating what a small child is saying. Piggy says AHe wants to know what you=re going to do about the snake-thing...Now he says it=s a beastie....Ever so big... In the woods.@ (Pg.35-36) Then the mood is described as follows AThe boys felt it and stirred restlessly@ This indicates that the boys are already beginning to believe that they are not alone on the island, although they then argue how the beast is implausable. This is the beginning of a fear that will stay with them throughout their stay on the island.

A little further in the book, Jack is describing his own fear while hunting in a discussion with Ralph AIf you=re hunting you sometimes catch yourself feeling as if... There=s nothing of it, of course. just a feeling. You feel as if you are not hunting, but B being hunted.@(pg.53) We can infer from this that superstition is advancing. Jack was arguing most strongly against the beast at the start. Now he is saying that he is scared of it sometimes. Although he denies it, he is starting to believe that there is something on the island with them. Later, the beast is glorified, openly believed in, and even given food as if it were sentient. Jack and his tribe have just killed a sow B here is the scene: AHe knelt down...