Llab report on testing for macromolecules.

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To determine the presence of glucose, starch, lipids, and protein in various samples.


·Safety goggles

·6 graduated cylinders

·6 test tubes

·A test tube rack

·hot water bath

·test tube brush

·Large beaker

·40 mL protein solution

·40 mL vegetable oil

·40 mL maltose solution

·40 mL sucrose solution

·40 mL starch solution

·40 mL distilled water

·Benedict's solution in a dropper bottle

·Iodine solution in a dropper bottle

·Sudan IV solution in a dropper bottle

·Biuret reagent in a dropper bottle

·Glass ware soap

·Paper towel



1. Hot water bath was set up by using medium setting for the hot plate.

2.The six graduated cylinders were marked with number 1 to6.

3.Six-test tubes were also marked with the number 1 to 6.

4. Protein solution was measured out 10 mL and was poured into graduated cylinder 1.

10 mL of vegetable oil was poured into graduated cylinder 2, 10 mL of maltose solution into graduated cylinder 3, 10 mL of sucrose solution into graduated cylinder 4, 10 mL of starch solution into graduated cylinder 5 and 10 mL of distilled solution into graduated cylinder 6.

5.The test tube with the same number was added with 10 mL of each sample.

6.After that 5 drops of Benedict's solution was added to each test tube.

7.All the test tubes were heated in the hot water bath for 5 min.

8.The test tubes were then moved to the test tube rack using the test tube clamp. All the observations for each test tube were recorded, then the glassware was washed


1.Steps 3,4 and 5 were repeated from part A.

2. After that 5 drops of iodine solution was added to the test tube.