Living on your own or with your parents

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Name: Phan Hồ Thanh Trúc Comparison and Contrast Essay Class: 2A.06

Topic : Living on your own and living with parents.

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"You're ruining my life!" the teenager shouted at her mom and slammed out of the room after his/her mother's complaints. The next scene, as we can guess, is of the teenage packing his/her clothes to move out of the house. However, this is not the norm for Oriental culture, or Vietnamese, in particular. No matter how serious the quarrel is, the children will be reconciled with their parents and live under the same roof with them. So, which way is better: to live with your parents or to live on your own? Whether you choose the first or the latter way, there are three points that you have to consider: the freedom, the responsibility, and the social relationship.

The common reason for teenagers to leave their parents is freedom.

When living with parents, you cannot do whatever you like. Partying with friends or dating out with lovers into the night, etc is out of the question. Everything has to go according to the rules. The young people consider it a torture and dream for a day when they can fly the coop. However, living on your own allows you to come and go no matter if it's day or night. There are no more curfews imposed by your parents or the sight of them standing outside of the door waiting to yell before you can say a word.

Living on your own also means having to take total responsibilities for your life. Instead of staying at home being fed by parents, you have to go out to make some money for the many kinds of monthly bills: house rent, electricity, gas, cell phone, etc. Not only...