The Link Between Shopping and Social Culture by Zaineddin Obeid

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English 101

The Link Between Shopping and Social Culture

Throughout the world there is a level of consumption that undermines the environmental resource base. Some fear at one point in time we would have wasted all resources possible.

Far greater than most countries in the world; if not the most, is the United States consumption on both food and materialistic objects. This is due to different aspects such as: population, economy, industrialization, and, as perhaps as others including myself would suggest the type of culture that Americans are accustomed to. That is, they are accustomed for being big shoppers.

I have come up with a conclusion to believe that Americans base a lot of their culture on shopping as compared to other countries due to the fact that everything in America revolves on a system of gain and spend. You go to school to earn an education but you must first pay for it.

You go to work to earn an income so you can spend it on needy supplies or just for enjoyment. Everything you do is based on spending your money, even inside your own house you have to follow certain laws and regulations or you would have to pay a fine. Other countries don't have such a high amount of laws and regulation. Maybe it's a bad idea for other countries to govern that way, but at least their people sense more freedom and are not constantly told what to do as they are in United States. Obviously this is not the way Americans would like to live their lives, but weather they like it or not it seems as if they where attached to strings and made part of a

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