Lineage of Sin and Death

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The Lineage of Sin and Death

Joseph Maczko

Grand Canyon University�

As Christians, we believe that God has a plan and that the death of Jesus was for the benefit of humankind. Jesus said he had to suffer and die as he had been sent on a mission of self-sacrifice. So he had not come to lord it over people, rather, he had come to serve; and he had come to sacrifice his life - a sort of ransom - to benefit people. Mk 10:41-45 �

Adam and Eve started the working of death in all humans to follow. It does not only mean a physical death, which is sickness, aging and eventually dying of the body. It is also and first spiritual death, separation from God, loss of ability to hear Him or to understand and know His nature with His ways. In like manner everyone who regularly practices sin cannot be in the fellowship with God and will surely end up in Hell if he does not repent, decide to turn the other direction.

That is a law that cannot be changed. The Grace of God in Jesus does not work against this law or despite of it but with it, that Grace gives you the power to go in different direction. It does not mean that you will never do anything wrong. It means that you will not live in sin. Teachers of perverted Grace tell you it is impossible but Jesus told you: "With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible." Do not listen to men, listen to God. Do not allow yourself to indulge in living in sin, He will set you free, and you will be free indeed!

Death revealed in the Bible has...