Life style of Neanderthals and today's society.

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Life is not as Different as it Seems to Be

I have always wondered why life is the way it is and how human patterns of behaviour relate to it. This topic is truly a philosophical one, but more important than I thought at first glance. This subject caught my mind more frequently when my friends and I were tossed into the life of adults. As a youngster, I didn't have any responsibility. Therefore, I didn't care about how the world of the grown-ups worked. During my entry to adulthood I started to observe how people act and react in different daily life situations. Since then, my search for explanation of my observation always brings me back to the early stages of human life. The behaviour patterns of today can be compared to prehistoric behaviour patterns. It's a lot easier to understand why people act in a certain way once the evolution of humans and the thoughts behind their actions have been understood.

How was life back then? And how is life now? While doing my research, I stumbled over two case studies. My findings astonished me.

One hundred thousand years ago life was threatening. The basic needs of any human being were shelter, food, fresh water, clothing, tools and reproduction. Survival was a full time job. How was it accomplished in an environment full of dangers and perils?

Based upon a recent finding of a frozen man in an alpine glacier, we could suppose that during the stone age, a tall, physically fit man in his mid-twenties called Oetzi travelled the Alpes on a business trip from his tribe to another in order to exchange goods. On the way, he had to cross mountains, several rivers and walk through forests. It was his last day of travel when the...