The life and times of Benjamin Franklin

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The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

Born in Boston Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. Benjamin Franklin was destine to succeed. Benjamin decided to leave his family because he thought being the youngest of 15 he didn't have a chance of being educated. He began writing his own articles around the age of 13 but when he did he would sneak it under the door at night, thinking that if his brother found out he would not published his articles. Benjamin's purpose of writing his autobiography was just a coincidence, because while in London he would write about all the things he would do there and write letters to his family telling them all the things that are happening. After 2 weeks of writing he had completed eighty-seven pages in his journal called "the garden study." Four years would pass before he would continue to write in his log to keep us up to date on the events that occur during the 18th century and his road to success.

`In the autobiography Benjamin seems to be given lot's advice to his friends. But even though he chooses to leave out some parts of his life which was his wife and kids. Doesn't seem to be interested in writing about that topic. I think that all has to do with his childhood he really had everybody telling what to do. His father told him what to do and what to be with no questions ask. So, Benjamin had to become an apprentice to his older brother in his print shop. But Benjamin's education did not end so soon with the money Ben would be getting from his brother he would buy books and educate himself since his father couldn't afford to keep sending him to school.

From 1723 to 1730 Benjamin worked for...