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Looking up into the pale blue sky, she thought she saw her saviour. Her guiding light, something she had been wishing and searching for years to find. But like all the other times it was a haze in the distance, a figment of imagination. She sighed as she looked forward, bringing her eyes down to the earth she wanted to escape. She finished eating her apple and looked at her watch. The hands never seemed to move as quickly as they do when they are out of the office. Time had a new found speed out here away from the confines of work. She knew today like all other days would see her at home before she knew it, the weekend fast approaching and even faster would it be Monday morning yet again. She tried not to get drawn into wishing for time to stand still, a fantasy that she used to have as a child.

Why would she want time to stop since she really didn't have anything to stop it for? She had no family, no children, no husband and a cat that didn't really appreciate her presence. But she wasn't miserable.

Well ok she was miserable, but what could she do about it? Killing herself was messy and she had no time to actually go out and do something. She was just sick of it all. A holiday was so trite, quitting seemed a bit extreme and shooting her boss, well lets just say he wasn't worth it. She sat on the park bench for just a few minutes longer. She knew she was late getting back from lunch but she didn't care, she wanted to soak up the sun, praying that it might revive her spirit. She knew she looked silly with her rounded chin pointed...