Liberty Alliance Project, an innovation that would allow computer users to sign on to many applications at the same time using that one program.

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1With the way technology has been advancing over the past few years, people have begun to take care of all of their business online. Among many other things, people manage their bank accounts, pay their bills, communicate, shop and conduct financial transactions online. Each of these actions requires a separate and often unique username and/or password. Managing the specific usernames and passwords that correlate with these actions often becomes a task in itself.

The Liberty Alliance Project has a vision for technology's future. With today's rapid growth in computers, tomorrow's safety is often worried over. Customers are extremely wary of entering personal information into the Internet, petrified of whose hands it might fall into. Their biggest fear is that their privacy might be violated. The Liberty Alliance Project's main priority is to establish a world in which consumers and businesses can conduct transactions easily without compromising this private vital information.

Consumers today have identities upon identities when it comes to their online personalities. The Liberty Alliance Project attempts to cure this problem by merging all of these personalities into one simple sign-on.

The Liberty Alliance Project has four key objectives. The first objective is to create stipulations that help service providers to guard the privacy of their consumers. The second objective is to allow multiple independently operating providers to authenticate through a solitary sign-on specification. Another objective of the Liberty Alliance Project is to assist organizations, both commercial and non-commercial, to develop relationships. Its final objective is to create a network identity infrastructure that supports any device needed to gain access to the network.

Federated commerce, the Internet's next big step, will be guided by federated network identity. Federated identity is a concept that came from the idea that there are many different levels of interest out there that...