Lfe in World War One.

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PERSON B - You were in your late teens at the end of the war and contributed to the war effort by working, in the last year of the war, in what had previously been considered a "man's job". Your father fought in the war and returned unharmed. You are glad the suffering of the war is over but resent the loss of the freedom it brought you. You are searching for ways to find this again.

The Soldier Settlement Scheme

I was deeply relieved that my father had returned from the war safe and sound as I was dreading that I would never see him ever again. However, these worries dissolved and were quickly replaced by new problems that were arising. My father had a decent-paying factory job before he went to serve in the war, and I had replaced him while he was away. But after my father had returned, the employers at the factory would not hand him his old job back.

Day and night, my family and I worried about our financial situation which was slowly turning into a crisis.

But on one lucky day, help arrived at our door, it had only been a few months after my father had come home when we received a letter informing us that the Victorian government was setting up a Soldier Settlement Scheme. Apparently, the Victorian government had felt that it was be their responsibility to help the remaining soldiers that had served in the war to re-adjust to the life they had before the war. We took up the offer along with many others of returned servicemen because of our growing concern of our financial circumstance.

We soon arrived in Ettrick. We settled in quite well and became hardworking farmers and basically, everything was fine in...