Letter to France (Canada's History)

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May 21, 1641

To my lord Louis XIII, may glory and blessings be with thee forever.

Your highness, as a member of the Jesuits Society, I am really delighted to inform you of the situation we have here. Thank God, the weather is getting better since April. We are able to spend some time outside to get to know this land and tell the savages about the love of Jesus Christ. Thy royal servant, Father Le Jeune, set up schools for young French boys and Native kids to teach the words of our Lord. Also, I must tell your majesty about the other plan Father Le Jeune finished.

The Aboriginal people who live in Huronia desperately need medical care from us, so our co-worker, Marie de I'incarnation and fellow sisters helped out the work of taking care of the poor, the old, and the orphans. Unfortunately, we faced a serious problem during this plan - we do not thy have enough money to pay for these needed services! If, by any chance, thy have offerings for us, please send them immediately.

New Moreover, I need to inform you that I'm really worried about our safety in the villages in Huronia. Our enemy, the English, have become allies with the most dangerous and fierce Native tribe, the Iroquois. Those savages have muskets the English gave them, but our friends the Hurons, have nothing, Sir Champlain refused to send men to help to defend saint - Mail, but I can understand the reason why he made this decision. I have seen the way the Iroquois treat their prisoners; they are inhumane. I have already given my life to the lord in heaven so this will not change my decision to stay here, but our partners, the Hurons, are afraid.