Lack of public atttention to rape victims.

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The Aftermath of Rape

Molly Weaver

December 12, 2002

Mrs. McMillen

English 12 Honors

The Aftermath of Rape Victims

Thesis: There is not enough public awareness of the options available to date rape victims.

I. Introduction

A. Hook Sentence

B. Date rape is the act of forcing sex before or after a date

C. There is not enough public awareness of the options available to date rape victims

II. Narrative- Annie: The Story of A Survivor

III. Women are unaware of how to deal with the initial trauma of rape.

A. Woman who are physically violated often times do not receive any medical attention.

1. Rape kit

2. STD test

3. HIV test

B. Mental wounds should receive immediate attention

1. Fear, anxiety

2. Depression

3. Suicide

C. Woman must report it to authorities within the first few hours.

1. Contact police

a. Charges

b. Trail

2. College Boards

a. Expulsion

b. Academic probation

c. " The Wall " a sex offenders list

1. College bathroom

2. High school bathrooms

3. Prevention

a. GHB

b. Peer pressure

IV. Men are almost completely unaware of their rights as rape victims.

A. There is a strong stigma male rape victim must over come.

1. They should be able to protect themselves but couldn't, demonstrates weakness

2. Physical reactions such as erections can not always be controlled

3. Most men rarely come forward

a. lack of support

b. No public awareness

B. Male rape is more prominent when incarcerated.

1. Single sex environment

2. Sodomy

3. Worse consequences for coming forward

C. Male rape is more violent and demeaning when in public

1. Gang rape

2. Multiple services demanded

3. Less likely to come forward

a. Humiliation

b. Shame

4. Beaten badly

V. Both men and woman need to receive some kind of...