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Organizational Behaviour and Change

Individual essay

By Lan Phan

Student ID: 5685567

September 13, 2006

Individual essay

People with different preferences and backgrounds naturally behave differently. I have been experienced many interesting activities during Organisation Behaviour and Change class and the one that made a great impression on me is the hand activity.


After the forming of our group, we started this task that brought each member involvement. In the task, we were asked to talk about five main factors that have affected our lives so far. Every body had five minutes to draw their left-hand on a paper and wrote each factor on each finger. Later on, we took turn to introduce and talk about ourselves. There were five people in our group that time and we have just committed to work as a group assignment. Each member comes from different countries such as Glynn and Claudia from Australia, Sharean from India, Elvy from China and me from Vietnam.

Observing from other's expression, I found each member was eager to talk about himself or herself. Glynn started the task with his five factors and events with significant importance in his life. As he was the first to talk, everybody paid much attention to him. We sometimes gave him encouragement by nodding our head and repeating something we could not understand. And when it came to my turn, I felt quite comfortable mentioning those five important factors that has affected my life; they are my close friend, my self -motivation, my parents, my first job and the new cultural environment of Australia. When I started talking about them, the other member listened intensively. At that moment I could feel that my partners were really interested in what I was saying and those manners truly encouraged me to express...