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College writing 102-"Evaluation Essay"


The youth of today are corrupted by the fast pace, no time for you, type of attitude. We are brought up in a world that are parents can't completely understand. I see little girls wearing miniskirts and boys becoming more interested in girls at a younger age. The scariest thing is that it is acceptable for a girl and boy to do these things. I would feel bad as a parent if I denied my daughter the ability to "fit in". "KIDS" a movie by Larry Clark really gets under a young persons skin. The movie portrays a real life example of teenagers in New York City participating in drugs, contracting aids, and having unprotected sex. The vividness in which the movie is played out is nearly disgusting, yet most people believe that this is an accurate portrayal of unsupervised and forgot about kids.

Ignorance plays a big role in this movie because the lead characters mom just had a baby and doesn't have time to worry about her seventeen year old son.

It all begins with Telly, the main character, who starts the movie off by trying to convince a thirteen year old girl to have sex with him by telling her he loves her. Well she took the bait and he proceeded to have sex with her. Keep in mind that Telly is 17 while his partner was 13. This is the kind of landscape the director wants to put in the viewers minds. Then there is a part that almost will make you sick to your stomach. They show all the guys hanging out then flip to all the girls hanging out. The guys are talking about how much they want to have sex will the girls...