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Good morning. When you pick up the book Just Crazy written by Andy Griffiths, and read the blurb on the back cover, you are immediately intrigued and curious of the contents. Instead of having a summary of the story, it gives you a list of questions called 'The Crazy Test".

From the first page, you know this is a comedy that features 9 crazy stories about Andy as a 13 year old. Andy and his best friend Danny use their mischievous personalities to always find new and exciting things to do like garbage truck joy riding, removing band aids with vacuums, flying with weather balloons and many more valuable life skills.

Andy's abnormal family increase the chances of making some embarrassing thing reality and just making life more CRAZY.One of the crazy things his family makes up, is about not emptying the wheelie bin. They say that if he doesn't empty the wheelie bin, he's putting the whole earth at risk of dying.

{Exert from book} The talented and quirky illustrations are by Terry Denton and they line the border of each page. The stories are like children's crazy dreams and wild imaginations.

The first story is

Band-Aid where Andy has had a band aid stuck to his skin for six months…and it's time to take it off. Except his brilliant idea to get if off leaves him with 2 black eyes.

The second story

The Dog Ate It Is where Sooty, who is Andy's dog, eats Andy and Danny's homework and the boys try everything they can to get it back.

The third story

A Crazy, Bad, Dumb, Bad, Bad, Dumb, Crazy, Bad Idea Is where Andy proves why tying four giant weather balloons and two enormous bunches of helium balloons to your backpack is a crazy, bad,