Jon donne says people can't be an island, otherwise, no man is alone. Paul simon says that you can and he is alone.

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No man is an island, I am an island

John Donne says that no man is an island. Paul Simon says that man can be islands and he is an island. These two men have two different philosophies on life. John Donne believes that every man is part of somebody or something, and on the other hand Paul Simon believes that if you wish to be alone you can then be an island. Who's right, I don't know, everybody has their own opinion of life and how they should live it. I will be expressing my opinions on these philosophies and tell you why I think John Donne is correct on his writings.

John Donne states "No man is an island entire of itself". I believe in this quote because no man is alone. Even if he never gets married, has a child, or a true love, he will be part of somebody or something.

If this certain person had died, I don't think his family or friends would say "oh well". There is bond to be people that will grief for that certain somebody. It could be the next-door neighbor, your dog, a teacher, pet fish, but there is somebody or something. When you have bad days or if somebody happens to see you with a long face, they ask are you alright. They wouldn't be asking if they did not care. When I am tired at school people begin to ask what's wrong, that let's me know they are concerned for me. That is why I think no man is an island.

Paul Simon wants to be an island and that's alright, Paul is entitled to his opinion, but I don't think he knows how much he means to people just as a musician. People who care for...