The Job Market Today.

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In the job market today, professional integrity and high excellence are extremely important and indispensable. When the United States of America was founded, Alexander Hamilton made it a point to establish secure credit because he knew the important role that integrity would play in ameliorating a great country. Business is the same: integrity cannot only create public trust, but also enable businesses to be obtain loans. By borrowing money from a bank, businesses attain resources to further augment business operations. High excellence is as equally important to integrity because it ensures a higher level of productivity and thus a greater profit for a company.

Both professional integrity and high excellence help distinguish employees from one another and in turn contribute to promotions in the job market. When a company is looking to promote an employee, they look for a person with a past history of integrity and high excellence because these attributes are profitable to a company.

Not only do they establish high moral in a work environment, but they also contribute to customer satisfaction and a positive image with the public eye.

I am not at all suggesting that it is easy to maintain professional integrity and high excellence in the job market, especially in a greedy, profit-driven world as ours is today. But, through lucubration and a commitment to business ethics that embrace honesty and excellence, businesses will continue to not only enhance commercial relationships but also prosper consequently.