JFK-famous or infamous?

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Question 1:

On the 22nd of November 1963, JFK was driving through the 'Hate Capital,' Dallas in Texas, in an open car with his wife, Jackie Kennedy, and Governor John Callady. As the motorcade entered Dealey Plaza at about 12.30 a rifle fired at the parade. Kennedy was hit twice, once in the neck, then in the back of the head.

At about 1:15 that same day police officer J. D. Tippit was shot dead in South Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald, a man he stopped to question. Oswald fled to a cinema where he was arrested. After some searching a huge amount of evidence was found to prove Oswald guilty of murdering Kennedy.

However, the next day Oswald was shot dead by a local nightclub owner, Jack Ruby.

The nature of his assassination is Kennedy's biggest claim to fame. Over forty years later songs mentioning his assassination are still being released and there is still a market for T-shirts that say 'I shot JFK' in countries all over the world, not just America.

Not only that, but there is also a huge number of conspiracy theories about who shot Kennedy. The matter is so controversial that today there has still been no solution found. However, the fact that so many different people and groups could have had reason to kill Kennedy tells us how controversial his policies and lifestyle must have been.

Cuban Exiles could have been responsible for JFK's assassination. Kennedy became President during the infamous Cold War. The CIA had carried out an invasion of Cuba called Bay of Pigs. The aim of this invasion was to over throw Fidel Castro, the communist dictator in charge of Cuba. The invasion force consisted of 1,400 Cubans that the CIA had trained. However everything went wrong from...