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If you have ever been through so much anger on such a tiny Chesapeake island, like Sara Louise Bradshaw, then you should think again. The setting of this story is very important to the plot of the book: Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson.

Since the age of 10, Louise dreamed of being a waterman, helping her father fish for crabs in the bay, which she loved to do. She could not do this as a career because women were known to cook and clean, and men would crab. That work, she was paid with money that she used to take care of her hands, or save it up for college. When Louise got older, she wanted to get off the small island because she was very sick of it and she desperately wanted to get away from her grandmother. I believe that this setting went perfectly with the story.

It was important for it to fit in, and it did. I could almost smell the seawater on the bay. The time was great for the story too, because it took place around the 1940's. The story being old - fashioned is what made it special.

The small island also is the kind that has bad weather, hurricanes, and disasters. That is what makes a lot of the book very interesting and scary at the same time. It is sad how close people that Louise knows lose their homes and small fishing boats for crabbing. The crabbing boats are what the men use to crab and earn money. Things as boats took a lot of hard work for to buy another one, it cost much money for them in the old days.

One way or another, the setting has sense to it and comprehension. I do not think...