~Jack the Champion Climber~ (Writing a different version of a fairytale)

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Jack stomped into his bedroom and slammed the door. He threw his homework under his bed and was about to turn on his television when he caught a glimpse of his window, causing him to freeze on the spot. In absolute joy he opened his window and leaned out as far as he could to be able to see the top of the tree. 'Wow' he mouthed.

But unfortunately for Jack, he was soon to hear his mother's voice shrieking from downstairs,

'JACK... JACK? Jack if you're not doing your homework when I get up there then you will be more than grounded.'

Jack was confused, had his mum not seen the tree that had mysteriously grown in the back garden? A tree that reached so high that it disappeared way above the clouds. Jack heard a knock on the door.

'Just a minute' he replied, as he realised that he may for the first time be able to escape from his mother's homework requests.

As his mother rattled with the key in the lock, Jack climbed out of his window and jumped from the ledge into the tree. He pushed the window shut as to confuse and therefore distract his mother for as long as possible whilst he climbed higher and higher up the branches.

It wasn't until he has climbed twice the height of the house that Jack could be sure that his mother wouldn't be able to reach him. He found a branch to sit down and began to laugh to himself. After the rush of the escape from hell house, Jack began to rethink his actions. What was he doing? What was this tree anyway? It did seem bazaar that a tree could simply grow this height overnight without anyone noticing. And despite his...