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Among the more than one-hundred Web-based project management applications available, most have far more features than what's requested. iTeamwork is free and is also one of the more bare-bones project management programs and should work well for the reader's application (PC Magazine).

I-Teamwork is, as its name suggests, based on providing team members the files and information they need to get their job done quickly and efficiently. The main functions of the system are controlled by e-mail, and the only thing that team members need to do to keep the system working is report when they have completed a task or finished the project. The system is fairly simple to use if you're the administrator of the project, but if you were a freelance coder or designer working on the project you may have some difficulties (Software Projects).

I-Team 3A web based project management tool for anyone who needs to manage multiple projects or teams, can easily access I-Teamwork.

Users can exercise it to track tasks organized by project, schedule tasks, assign tasks to other people, notification by e-mail when tasks are completed, and include multiple companies or vendors into a single project. Project team managers are e-mailed daily or weekly with open tasks that need to be completed that day or week, while reminding you of tasks past due.

Getting started with I-Teamwork couldn't be easier. First, users go to and sign up as a project member. A minimal amount of personal information is required such as name and email address that is protected by a clear privacy act policy.

The first step after signing on is to create a project. This requires little more than a name for the project and a target completion date. There are no limits on the number of projects, tasks, or...