"An Island"

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"Meditation 17" is one of the famous poems written by John Donne. The poem was about hearing the bell that rings when somebody dies and wondering whom the bell was ringing for. John stated in the end that the bell rings for everyone because the person who died was apart of his or her own life. John's most famous line from the poem "No Man is an Island, entire of itself" tells that people in life affect others. People do affect others no matter when or where they were in their time. Everybody in life affects everyone else whether they are in society, away from society, or have lived in the past.

People who live in society affect the people who are in society. These are the people seen everyday by most others, so it has one of the strongest effects on people. These people could be store owners who sell people food to eat, a mailman who delivers the mail, or even a homeless person who lives by the public library that greets people who pass by.

All these people affect the others living in society with him. If the store owner wasn't there, who would give the people their food, or how would people get their bills and birthday cards if the mailman wasn't there? It's the same the other way around. The store owner would go out of business if nobody bought his food. So everyone in society affects the other people in society.

Also, people who don't live in society affect the people in society. People who may never be seen by another human being still affect the others in society. This could be someone living in the jungle who was raised and lived among animals such as Mowgli and Tarzan. That person...