Isaac Campion by Janni Howker - In what ways could it be said that 12 year old Isaac is more grown up than his father?

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It could be said that twelve year old Isaac Campion is more mature than his father. This is because he is very sensible and responsible for his age whereas his father can behave very thoughtlessly and childish at times.

Isaac's father Sam acted rather childishly when his own son died. He was only worried about revenge. It wasn't really anyone's fault Dan had died. "A cruel accident" that was all it was, "just two half grown lads larking about." The problem was one of them happened to be Dick Lacey. There had been a sort of family feud going on between the Lacey's and the Campion's and Sam would not be the one to stop it. He "made sure Dan's funeral was the biggest spectacle the churchyard had seen since the death of Mrs. Lacey." He was using his own son's death as a way of getting revenge at another family.

"It was as if revenge mattered more to him then grieving." It was incredibly immature and thoughtless of him. "He went deep in his purse for Dan's funeral" and "made a great show of it" so getting revenge on someone else must have meant an awful lot to him because he was willing to spend so much on it.

Isaac saw Dan's death as a terrible thing. A day "fixed" in his mind "like a picture." Something he would never forget. He did his "fair share of sobbing" and acted as though his brother really meant something to him and wasn't the slight bit interested in revenge. That day changed Isaac's life forever "because life in a family is not routine when the oldest son dies." He was pleased that the funeral was a "big event", but that was not because of hatred towards another family, that was because...