Introduction to my company.

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Introduction to my company

Who is the Company?

The Company I have chosen to do a spreadsheet for is a hire company were people could hire MP3's and MD's. This company requires a very simple spreadsheet that the staff can use. This organization does not have a spreadsheet system at the moment because they use a package called Lotus Stock Office Works 95 to keep there records on at the moment and have asked me to design one for them because the company is gradually expanding, which started off in 1995 as a small company and now is steadily growing. It is an organization that allows people that cannot afford to buy MDs or MP3 players or that are interested in music to hire portable devices rather than spending £100.00 on buying the portable devices they are really expensive to buy. The company also wants a spreadsheet, which can access their database, which they have asked me to design for them as well

The database ii so they can store the details of customers and of the devices that the customer hires.

This database could not be designed using Microsoft Excel because it has a lot of advance features, which only Microsoft Access can handle and has got. The company is called MD & MP3 Media Centre, which is based in Leeds.

User requirements

In the spreadsheet design the company wants to access the following things they also want a user interface, which tells the Staff how to use the spreadsheet in simple term which makes it easy for the staff to use that do not no much about spreadsheets, and it also saves time and money for the company to give training to all of there staff. They will have to give some training to the staff but not...