An Interpritation of My Man Bovanne

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April 24, 2008

"An Interpretation of My Man Bovanne"

In the story "My Man Bovanne," we are introduced to two main characters: Miss Hazel and Bovanne. The story is narrated by Miss Hazel. The black children of their neighborhood plot school district election politics, and Miss Hazel uses the party they are giving and the music to begin a romance with Mr. Bovanne and to declare her right to independence. Miss Hazel makes it clear that Bovanne "ain't her man" (Bambara 96). She is just trying to be friendly to a blind old man whom everybody looks down on because of his disability. Miss Hazel's children find she isn't acting her age and Miss Hazel feels that she "can't get black enough to suit em" (Bambara 96). Miss Hazel's children feel that their mother is not acting her age and she shouldn't be doing what she is with a blind man.

It is ironic how miss Hazel's children are being discriminatory and unfair in judging thei mom and bovanne when they are at this party for civil rights. The children are not being supportive of their mom helping out an old bling man and are degrading her instead of giving her their support.

The two main characters in this story would be considered to be flat characters. Miss Hazel would be described as an older, caring, witty woman who cares for the people around her. She is friendly to an old man and is mistreated for it. Miss Hazel treats Bovanne the same throughout the entire story and never changes. She asked Bovanne to dance because he was alone and no one would speak to him. Miss Hazel made it known in the narration no one was in need...