Internet Business Analysis

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Assignment is to be created using Microsoft Word a minimum of 2 to 3 page essay in APA format.

Today, the Internet has changed the way many companies approach a new business venture or expand an existing business venture. The book selling industry has seen many changes since the first book was sold by on the internet in 1995.

Retailers like Borders and Barns & Noble have changed their methods of marketing as a direct response to Amazon's internet business model. After reviewing the lecture, create an essay explaining at least 5 changes in the way the book industry does business today because of the new internet business competition.

If you use reference materials, be sure to provide adequate citation and reference materials in your paper.

Internet Business AnalysisEver since evolved in 1995 the book industry has taken on daring new ventures into unchartered areas. Borders and Barns & Noble the bricks and mortar book stores are taking on a new technique to the way they market and sale their merchandise.

In any case, one of the long-standing ways of consumer goods that has stuck to an older selling form. Thoughts and paper passed information far and wide, but the development of the printing press resulted in a broader and more rapidly spread of ideas and information through a standard that is still present at the moment. The method by which the masses assemble and shape sturdy bonds through opinions and ideas is still active today and is in the course of a new revolution.

Nothing has caused such a big change from the time when the printing press came about in the publishing world. The thought of selling books under the previous and most recent commerce models cannot be spoken of without referring to digital editions...