"Integrity Crisis in Moral Conscience and the 21st Century"

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Manos Mathew

Philosophy 22

Dr. Cal

The article on the "Integrity Crisis in Moral Conscience and the 21st Century" was written to understand the crisis in contemporary moral philosophy and the loss of the integrity of moral conscience in our society today. What is discussed first is how philosophy has lost its sense of purpose, and how as a result men and women have lost sight of the intelligible good; that is needed in the foundation of a stable moral life. If we lose sight of the meaning of philosophy then we can't obtain the genuine understanding that is valuable to achieve human goals.

One important cause that has lead to the decline in the understanding of moral philosophy is how we separate entities that should be unified. Because we have separated entities that should not be separated we have been caught up making false judgments. This has lead to the fragmentation of human understanding.

The only way we can prevent this false premise is by unifying the things we separate. There shouldn't be a separation of the mind and body or the senses and mind or emotions and will. Fragmentation has lead to the decline of the meaningfulness of moral philosophy. We have grown accustomed to this type of fragmented understanding that in our society today we have accepted it. As a result our culture today perceives human behavior acceptable from this false notion.

The only way for moral philosophy to once again become meaningful is by discovering the genuine understanding of the human person as a microcosm, and discovering the intelligible good; "which will allow us to discover the proper good of men and women and the common good of our interpersonal lives, for example justice." (Integrity 34). By having genuine understanding of the nature of...