How to install nitrous on a mustang.

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There are many ways to make a car faster but most of the ways cost a lot of money. One of the ways to make you're car faster in an inexpensive way is nitrous oxide. There are many nitrous companies one of the best is Nitrous Express. The Nitrous Express Ford kit step one #20922 is the easiest and least expensive to install. NX systems come complete with a 10 lb nitrous bottle (empty), stainless steel bottle brackets, 16 ft aircraft style supply line, N2O filter, lifetime warranty nitrous and fuel solenoids with mounts, all standard jet settings, an NX patented Shark nozzle (nozzles), wide open throttle switch, a complete installation pack that includes all bolts, nuts, washers, wire, wire terminals, and lighted arming switch. Here is a way to install the kit. Read these instructions before beginning.

This is how you install you're NX kit in you're Ford Mustang.

The first thing you do is insert the bottle nipple into the bottle nut, then securely tighten the valve. The next thing you do is get the 16'' ft feed line and tape off the other end to prevent debris from entering the line. Next pull off black plug under spare tire and run the feed line through. Attach the line to the brake lines with plastic zip ties; the brake lies are hard copper lines running from the back tires to the engine under the car. Pull the feed line up through the engine. Then replace the 8mm screw hook that holds the tire in place with a 5/16'' by 6'' screw hook and two 5/16'' wing nuts available at any hardware store. Replace the black plastic handle with a wing nut that you purchased, to hold the tire in place. Then you drill a small hole on...