Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA

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Ingvar Kamprad has founded the most powerful and the biggest company in furniture branch. Today, IKEA is more than 220 stores in 33 countries and it is being visited by more than 410 milions of customers each year. IKEA has also their own product catalog which is publishing in more than 160 milions copies.

Kamprad is one of the most vivid person in the world market, businessman, whose methods are being stand as a paragon by scientists and experts.

What caused that small company established by a teenager, on the space of 60 years had transformed into international holding ? IKEA is an example of unlimited thinking, courageous business decisions and philosophy, at grassroots of which always lays satisfaction and needs of the customer.

Ingvar Kamprad used to say "Problems mean a new opportunities". That is why, when at the breaking of 60' and 70', under the influence of their competitors IKEA was boycotted by suppliers, its president has founded the new, even cheaper suppliers of the furniture in Poland, behind the Iron Curtain.

THE EARLY DAYSIngvar Kamprad was born in 1926 in the little village in the south-east part of Sweden. His first entrepreneurial skills was evidence when he was in elementary school. He was buying matches, pencils and other small items in Stockholm's bazaar and he was reselling them to his friends in school and neighborhood. After a while he expanded his offer to seeds and Christmas tree decorations.

He was saving the money he earned on his small business, because in his mind was to invest them later on. When he was 17, he started his own company, which name comes from his name, his farm name and the village he grew up in name- Ingvar Kamprad, Elmatyrd, Agunnaryd- IKEA. At the beginning he...