An Individual's Perspective on Democracy.

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Throughout history man has illustrated the ability to conceptualize various ideas and theories to apply to the practice of politics. One of the most influential theories ever conceived was the notion of democracy. Its influence was not only inherent in its application to government in the modern era but also in its ability to initiate debate as to its merit and legitimacy as a political theology as well as what parameters clearly define its practice. For the most part, political theorists concluded that democracy in essence, is a government run by the concept of majority rule governed by the people. The definition of democracy can be further extended to express it as a system by which to protect and ensure liberties and freedoms as well as guarantee equality among the people. However the system is not perfect. Democracy in essence is a problematic notion in its conceptualization and application, but nonetheless holds key elements intrinsic in successful government.

Democracy creates issue for concern as it claims to protect and uphold liberty and equality, but in its current practice within the Canadian political sphere effectually creates barriers and obstacles to liberty and equality for the entire population. The application and practice of democracy, in its purest form, is further tarnished as it is limited in its feasibility by abilities and constraints o f a society. However, despite the problems which exist in the function and use of the model of democracy, it remains to be the most sought after political structure in the world.

As a western society, Canada is vocal in its support and praise of the democratic system as the most successful and beneficial method to approach politics. Although fringe benefits are abundant in the democratic system, it cannot be ignored that despite the advantages, certain problems and contradictions...