This is the importance of math in education. thoughts and views on why one would choose to study this subject.

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The best subject in school to take is mathematics. It has so much to offer and so many different courses to take. As I take math through my education I have received successes, but some frustrations. I have memories of my old classes and teachers. I believe math has put a great impact in my life.

I have found many successes and frustrations during my past math classes. The success is when I receive a great grade on my tests and better yet on my report card. The classes are great and most of the students in my math class are students in my other classes. The worst thing in school is to be frustrated. Frustration from Math mostly comes from the homework. The homework sometimes is really hard and I may get frustrated if I can't get a problem or don't understand the new concept I am learning.

The best part of math is the memories of classes and teachers I remember. In math class, everyone is moving around and things are going on. There are people getting help from the teachers, and some doing problems on the board with their friends. Most of my friends are in my math class. Math is a great way to keep friends. One year I became close with one teacher. In 8th grade, my math teacher saw interest in a few of my friends, and told us about a project using math and computers. My friends and I entered and won regional with out presentation. They even gave each one of us a plague to keep as a remembrance or our accomplishment. This had to be the best thing math has offered so far.

I believe math has put a great impact in my life. In my computer classes I...