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To: ALL Mitchell Blake Employees

From: John Smith, ABC Steering Committee, Ext. 3333

Date: Tuesday, March 3, 1994

Re: Upgrading to ISO 14001

In order to maintain a reputable profile in the global marketplace, ABC must continually improve. Consequently, we have decided to continue our interest with the International Standard Organization (ISO) and take the next step by becoming ISO 14001 certified.

On Monday, April 4, 1994, the Steering Committee will begin the implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS). All of the company's procedures will undergo a review to determine the level of environmental management required. For that reason, we would ask all employees to give their best efforts to comply with the restructuring of ABC to meet the ISO 14001 regulations.

Being ISO 14001 certified, ABC will benefit internally and externally.

Internal Benefits

Use resources more productively

Product improvement

Increase employee morale

Manage environmental liabilities / Increase environmental credibility

Improve employee health and safety

External Benefits

Tab/>Encourages favourable public relations /

Marketing advantages

Pollution prevention

Waste reduction

Displays dedication to high-quality products

Enhanced customer trust

Each department will have an ISO 14001 meeting.

Your Division Manager will notify you of your meeting date. This meeting is mandatory. It will detail the following:

Introduce the EMS specialists

Employee training

Company auditing

ISO 14001 certification results

I urge all employees to take pride in the ethical decisions of Mitchell Blake Limited and welcome the implementation of an Environmental Management System, as it will benefit both our company and the global environment.

The Steering Committee is open to all inquiries. If any further information is required, please contact our office at 613-333-0001 or


John Smith

ISO 14001: Steering Committee