Immigrants migrating to the united states.

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For many years many women and children have immigrated to the United States for freedom and new opportunities. When they finally got to the place they could only dream about they were often disappointed. During the 19th and 20th centuries many groups such as the KKK, Nativist, and the Labors were opposed to allowing immigrants in to the United States. They didn't want them in the U.S. for many unreasonable reasons. This all contributed to the hard and tedious experience of immigrants.

One of the ways that anti-immigrant groups didn't want immigrants to come was because of jobs. The labors were very much against immigrants because they took away jobs. The immigrants were in desperate need of money so they offered to work for little amounts. Big companies took advantage of them by paying them low wages. They then fired the current employees who wanted more money. This made the current workers really angry.

Another thing that many people did to make immigrants feel unwanted was they often made fun of the things they did, the things they ate and the way they dressed. Immigrants felt very embarrassed about doing things. They were often made fun of about the way they talked. Nativist even offered English classes so that the people around them wouldn't have to listen to their other language. This was the only attempt to help immigrants even though it was for a different reason.

A final way that the immigrants were unwanted was by the Ku Klux Klan. They were against immigrants because they couldn't understand their language, they weren't Christian and they had a different kind of culture. Many times the immigrants were beaten up and often killed.

All of these contributed to the unfair and unjust experiences of immigrants in the United States...