Human Rights

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All humans live in societies. It is important to set up rules of behaviour within these societies so people treat their fellow human beings equally. These are commonly called human rights. If everyone abides by them then major, disastrous events such as the First and Second World War can be prevented from happening again. On the contrary, if we do not use them or apply them then terrible events can and will happen.

What should the basic rights of every human be?

I believe every human should have the right to the following things:

The right to life.

The right to be treated fairly whatever race you are.

The right to have your own beliefs and religions.

The right to free speech.

The right to live without aggression or violence.

The right to food.

The right to shelter.

The right to education.

The right to healthcare.

The right to life may seem like a fairly obvious right but it is important because even in recent times there have been events like the genocide in Rwanda.

Thousands of innocent people were killed because they had different beliefs. This is uncivilised and not how we would want our society to be, but it happens in places in the world.

In Nazi Germany, the Jews were discriminated against because of their beliefs and one by one all of the above human rights were removed culminating with the death of millions of Jews in the holocaust. This began in a small way with the removal of the right to be treated fairly and rapidly resulted in the removal of the right to life.

Although such acts of genocide as happened in Nazi Germany and Rwanda fill us with horror, at the time thousands of people were involved in these crimes against humanity. It seems...