Human cloning, what it is. An information based on the first ever human cloning company,

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2200. The United States of America secretly cloned the best soldiers of the World War II as powerful assets for their military. These soldiers are very trained, and will obey every order given. They are called the Universal Soldiers. Too fictional for science? Think again.

Raélian Movement is a religious organization that believes that life on earth is created by other races in other galaxies. The foundation, which was created by Raél, believes that the Elohim, our creator, created us by simply cloning their population. Elohim's cloning technology is based on 25,000 years of research, and therefore much more advance then ours. This Elohim is mistranslated to 'God' in Hebrew bible.

On February 1997, the Raélian Movement created Clonaid, the first human cloning company. Sponsored and infested by worldwide investors, Clonaid owns its laboratory on early 1998. Unfortunately, due to the restriction of human cloning in America, Raél hand over the company to Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, a Raélian Bishop and closed it.

Dr. Brigitte Boisselier created a new company, under a secret name and a secret place that will carries Clonaid's project, due to obvious security reasons.

Scientists today describe cloning as two major groups, therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning enables the creation of stem cells. These stem cells are multi-functions cells that can be transplanted to act like other cells (such as brain cells, liver cells, etc). Since it is a clone, the stem cells will be identical to the original cells and is able to fight disease or repair the broken cells or organs. This type of cloning is NOT banned and continually researched as it offers hope for incurable diseases.

The second type of cloning is reproduction cloning. It gives life for a new human being. This type of cloning IS banned, but Clonaid...