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Huffman Network and Telephone Recommendations

Team B has been tasked by Huffman Trucking to evaluate the company's current telephone and data network and provide recommendations for improvements. Huffman Trucking has provided Team B with a Service Request (SR-ht-010) which provides the criteria for Team B to base the recommendations on and include the expressed need for: increased efficiency, increased capabilities, additional features, and estimated cost for project completion.


Huffman Trucking has been on the forefront for innovative transportation needs. With hubs located in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Cleveland and Bayonne (New Jersey), Huffman's employees are expected to maintain communication among coworkers and clients. In order for Huffman Trucking to progress into the future, an improved communication system will need to be implemented. With that said, Team B observed many issues and hardware items to be inefficient while reviewing the current communication systems. Current analysis of the various locations concludes that company-wide changes and upgrades should be made as an effort to provide the best customer service and business efficiencies as possible.

Telephone Systems

In order for Team B to provide accurate recommendations to Huffman Trucking for improvements an inspection of the current business telephone and network systems would need to be conducted. Therefore, Team B conducted interviews and research into each Huffman Trucking location and an assessment to the current telephone configurations at all four locations was made.

After reviewing Huffman Trucking's current communication systems Team B found that the California and New Jersey main office locations use a private branch/business exchange (PBX) and POTS system for their telephone services as well as for their associated plants. As for Ohio and Missouri, the main offices are using an Avaya Digital Phone System (VoIP) which also incorporates the use of Hubs for both the main...