Huck Finn Debate

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Debate

Mark Twain is a "racist writer", his writing is offensive to black readers, and deserves no place on today's bookshelves.The novel is racist, and many characters use the "N" word throughout the book. In one scene, Aunt Sally hears of a steamboat explosion. "Good gracious! anybody hurt?" she asks. "No'm," comes the answer. "Killed a "N".

This shows and makes kids think that black people aren't really people and that is wrong.Mark Twain's use of dialect for Jim, writing out sounds rather than words, portrays Jim as a stupid character. In this book the white people take advantage of the black people. The book should also be banned for all of its violent substance.

Banning this book will protect our younger generation from undesired influences. In this way, parents hope to keep their children from adopting wrong ideas. In 1905, the Brooklyn Public Library banned the book because "Huck not only itched and scratched, and...

he said 'sweat' when he should have said 'perspiration'." Currently, the reason is Huck's use of the, "N "word. Racial, religious or ethnic insults are no longer accepted in public. So why should they be allowed in Books?