"The Horse Dealer's Daughter." by D.H. Lawerence.

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Imagery in "A Horse Dealer's Daughter"

In "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," symbolism is used to fulfill the pursuit of happiness and love. This love story, written by D.H. Lawrence, has many images, which show hidden meaning. The reader can fully understand a story, if he or she can point out certain images. images create ideas and images for the reader to better understand the story. Mabel, one of the two main characters in this story, is depressed and suicidal. After her mother died, she feels like there is nothing to live for. Her mother was the love and joy in her life; without her, she is lost. All she has left is her house, which she is extremely proud of, and her brother, which she seems not to care for. She decides to release herself from her troubles by drowning herself in a pond. The other main character, Dr.

Fergusson, sees her and tries to save her life. This pond is a strong symbol with many meanings. It is a start of a new experience, and a change of two people's lives.

The pond is described as dead and cold. This symbolizes that Dr. Fergusson had no feelings for Mabel before the incident. The narrator describes the pond as lifeless right before the doctor had entered it. Before going in, the relationship between them was dead and cold, and they had no passionate feelings for one another. Dr. Fergusson tries to rescue Mabel for no other reason but because he was doing his job. The pond also describes Dr. Fergusson's life as dull and pointless. His life was still and silent before he had met her. He was afraid to go in too deep into the pond, and was afraid of drowning. This represents his fear of...