The history of the saxaphone.

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The History of the Saxaphone

Fictional character Lisa Simpson from the hit TV sitcom THE SIMPSONS is a scholar. In over 100 episodes without fail, she has shown her position as the levelheaded family member making tough decisions (and usually making the right one). There are times when her dim-witted brother Bart, will try and weasel his way out of school because of not doing homework, or not studying for a test, and Lisa is right there to give him an excuse as to why he should go. Overall, Lisa is a good kid. But what makes Lisa even better is that she has an incredible musical talent. Her passion and intensity for the saxophone is one that is shared by many, as seen in an episode when Lisa plays with fellow jazz instrumentalist Barry White, while sitting on a building roof. But perhaps the man mostly infatuated with the saxophone is none other than it's brilliant creator, Adolphe Sax.

It was in his blood. As a young child he had an endless interaction with clarinets and brass instruments. Born on November 6 of 1814 in Brussels, Belgium, by the age of six he already knew how to play numerous instruments. One would think he was some kind of boy genius, but in reality, Adolphe's father, Charles, worked with instruments, mostly manufacturing clarinets and brass instruments. Charles was so good that King William I appointed him 'Instrument Maker to the Court of the Netherlands'. He also takes credit for scientifically calculating holes along a length of tube to produce varying pitched notes. At a young age, Adolphe began to follow in his father's footsteps. He quickly learned how to construct instruments, and in the process he learned to play. His explanation was that in order to make sure his...