What is History?

Essay by lisaatk January 2005

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History is a study of how the world has evolved by events in the past. It is a record of human experiences; our lives have been formed by superior institutions, ideas, and inspired works. Without the knowledge of our past, there would be little direction in our society as we learn form the past to predict the future.

The Oxford dictionary, defines history as "A continuous, usually chronological, record of important or public events"

Another definition of history says that it "The total accumulation of past events especially relating to human affairs or to the accumulation of developments connected to a particular nation, person, thing etc." In my opinion history does not have to be written in order for it to be relevant or to have an impact. Even a story passed from generation to generation with give clues from the past as a form of history. Whether it is written or not does not affect the truth or facts of the situation.

The knowledge we gain by studying history is mostly from the collective records of our past. We can learn the reasons why particular governments succeeded while others failed. Trade and commerce have existed since civilization originated and by studying economic records we may learn the solutions to any problems we come to today. One aspect of history which affects everybody is our social record. Every culture's traditions has made some contribution to the society. One of the most important reasons for studying our history is simple self-preservation.

Skills that have been passed down from generation-to-generation which has enable humans to survive. Skills such as communication and cartography are the key to our survival. Maps are a clearly a record of history; a simple map can show how tribes of people have migrated from several regions across the...