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Summer, summer, summer. Finally summer has arrived second grade has just let out and there's no turning back until the end of those 3 months. Once you step foot off those buses you free. All the memories of that summer seemed to be a blur except one that will stand out in my memory forever.

Well you see I have two neighborhood friends Danny Elchinger and Todd Otto. Danny was the kind of kid that was daring and would do anything if someone dares him too. Todd was kind of like are guinea pig we would tell him to do things and he would do it to fit in and make us laugh and me, I am the kind of kid that isn't going to try anything until someone else does. Even though the three of us had different personalities we all would hang out every day during summer.

One day Danny, Todd, and I were all playing in the woods behind Danny's house at the clubhouse we had built. We were doing the usual of chop down trees for no apparent reason and shoot squirrels and soda cans with our BB guns. When does