Headhunters - between duty and morality

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There is a breed of people out there who move mountains, yet remain in the background. They love the anonymous life they lead and wallow in the knowledge that indeed they are the movers and shakers of industry. They are the head-hunters - a profession that has come into its own and gained prominence only in the last decade or so. The basis of their work is the fact that people constantly change jobs and move from one place to another, and that it is an immanent feature of the business world. Imagine the thoughts that course through your mind when you are about to will a certain position. The job satisfaction in this field is enormous. You are not only able to get a better paying job (most times) for different sets of people but are also able to improve the life of your clients and candidates.

Definition of a headhunterWhat is a head-hunter? Headhunter or head-hunter is someone who engages in the cultural practice of headhunting or an informal name for an employment recruiter, sometimes referred to as Executive search.

Either you want to find a good employer, or you need a high qualified employee, a specialist headhunter is your best bet. Using their background knowledge of the industry and the information that they will have gathered on the culture of your company, along with further research and a wide network of contacts, headhunters are able to find the perfect candidate for your company. What's more, a headhunter is reliant upon a good reputation as referrals serve a large proportion of new business. To keep this reputation to a high-standard means always presenting you with clients that exactly match your requirements.

Not very long ago when the head-hunters, and particularly the executive head-hunters, came...