He died, of a broken heart.

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12th February, Thursday

Adam, inspired by his anger to Rachel, tells Sam that Rachel fancies Zachary, the new guy from Michael High. Adam doesn't realize that what he has just done will cost an innocent boy's life.

13th February, Friday

Since Zachary is Sam's best pal, the new reaches him in no time. Zachary, whose girlfriend, Angela, has run away with another guy, makes up her mind to give it a try. Who knows? Rachel might be the ideal girl.

18th February, Wednesday

Adam points Rachel out to Zachary during P.E. class.

20th February, Friday

Zachary makes the first moves, by giving Rachel a call. But she denies all the news that Adam said to Zachary. That should settle everything. That's what Rachel thought...

3rd March, Saturday

Zachary asks Rachel out. But she declined on the ground that Zachary has a lot of girlfriends, so why must he ask her out? But the truth is, Rachel's mom did not let her go out.

12th March, Thursday

"I miss him," it has been difficult to meet because of the disciplinary control in school Zachary's house is at the other side of the hill. They can't always use the phone, you see.

25th March, Wednesday

Rachel is introduced to a guy, Zhen. It was a mistake for Rachel to know Zhen. A very big mistake.

30th March, Monday

Again, Zachary asks Rachel out, but she gives a whole truckload of excuses. This time she has finished her grounding days. It's obvious now that she's keeping a dark secret from him. A very dark secret.

10th April, Friday

Rachel has totally changes. Has she lost interest in Zachary? Heaven knows.

11th April, Tuesday

Adam finds out that Rachel and Zhen are going steady. He is asked not to break the news...