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Hans Gugelot was born in 1920 in Indonesia where he attended primary school in Laren and Hilversum. Hans moved to Switzerland and graduated secondary school in 1940 with A grades. Then he took up studies in Lausanne (school of engineering), and continued to study at the ETH Zurich, Department I for Architecture. He graduated in the winter term of 1945/46. Hans Gugelot was a pioneer in the design world. He changed this world forever: "In about only ten years he accomplished an innovative work, opened the door to system-design and thus contributed to the image of the 20th century." (Hoffmann)

The reason Hans was so successful at what he did in my mind is that he created something new, something no one had ever seen before. He didn't have a certain style about his works to set himself apart, he set himself apart by making his works different in style but the same in functionality.

"In all of Hans Gugelot's design works, it becomes evident, that his ambition was not to devote himself to a "style" but to create a distinct design for each product in accordance to its functionality and beauty." (Hoffmann) The Braun Company had recently been taken over by the sons of the passed away Braun. Erwin Braun was head of the company and was tired of putting things on the market that weren't interesting, they were the same as everyone else produced. He was tired of boring. "Erwin Braun - stimulated by Wilhelm Wagenfeld - was, from 1954 onwards - looking for a new path, a path of his own." (Eichler) When he met Hans, he was impressed and hired him to take their company to a new level. "We got to know Inge and Otl Aicher and Hans Gugelot. What we saw and heard,