Hamlet Character Analysis

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Hamlet is a very difficult person to understand as he has many different characters during the movie. In the beginning he is very emotional due to the death of his father. He has a very hard time and doesn’t understand the people around him that moved on so fast after his father’s death. Understandable as it is strange to see you marry your mother marry your uncle very fast after the death of your father. But beside the situation I think Hamlet has always been very stubborn, as he is throughout the story. When the ghost of his father visits him he changes from an emotional, mourning person to a hateful one. He wants revenge, but doubts whether revenge is the right thing in life. Taking revenge proofs loyalty to his father, but being as wrong as Claudius is. Not taking revenge for him means disloyalty to his father, and not showing to his father that he loved him.

It is a big dilemma, and makes it difficult to make a character analysis. What is also very changing throughout the story is his love for Ophelia. One moment he loves her with all his heart, and the other he hates her. I think that the moments he loves her are the moments his true feelings come out, as I think he really loves her and he truly is in love with her. Only the situation does not allow them to love each other. That is one part of him making him insane. The other part is his feelings of revenge. It makes him aggressive, hateful and disrespectful to others. But he is not a stupid man. What Hamlet does in the story is absolutely brilliant. He uses his love for Ophelia as a façade for what he knows about...