Guarrilla marketing

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Concept of Guerrilla Marketing was first discovered in 1982 by Jay Conrad Levinston . In his book he referred guerrilla marketing to promotional activities which can be achieved for minimal budget, or even do not require money involvement at all. As any other form of 'viral' marketing, such as word of mouth, guerrilla aims to attract customers that will spread a word about the business being advertise to others, including, friends, family, coworkers. Creativity and unconventional methods of advertising/promotion campaigns, according to guerrilla advocates, accomplish maximum attention for very low budgets, resulting in higher sale and overall brand recognition. For that matter, one of the most important aspects of guerrilla advertising is the size of the company, for smaller businesses main tactics is to create as close connection with its target audiences as possible, as the result it is easier to attract media and public interest with guerilla campaigns. However, traditional methods of promotion in highly competitive environment extended this type of marketing into larger businesses.

Companies, such as, General Electric, sonny Ericsson and Nokia has implements this tactics as well. Despite the trend in marketing practice and exchange for traditional advertising that began to be ignored, guerrilla approach- instantaneous attention, could be easily forgotten even worse ethically wrong. This piece aims to analyze guerilla's marketing relevance on the basis of several articles picked from different periodicals. Firstly, I will draw a brief outline of the issues /facts described in the articles and then analyze its relevance to today's marketing environment. (Rienna, Jana)2. Detailed Review and AuditFirst article in the review - "Skewed Advertising", describes an example of unconventional promotional campaign done by Postovny Sporitelna in Czech Republic/ Prague with main goal to get a share of 3.5 million customers of Ceska sporitelna . In short one of the attributes...